Raindrop Class for Humans

This is a hands on learning experience. Come prepared to give and receive a Raindrop session In this course we cover the basics of the Raindrop Technique. What oils are used and why. Application Techniques. The technique will be demonstrated and then you will be guided in delivering a session.

Reiki Classes

Would you like to learn Reiki? This is the class for you! Reiki levels 1 to 3 are offered. We teach the Usui method of Reiki. According to Reiki historians, Reiki is available in each and every one of us. Once we are “attuned” to the healing energy from our Mother Earth we are able to share it with all other life on this planet. We are all connected and when one’s Reiki is “remembered” we all benefit from the increased flow of healing energy.

Raindrop Class for Animals

In this class, we learn the various ways we can help our furry family members with the use of Essential oils via the Raindrop Technique. You will learn the do’s and don’t of oil application for your 4 leggeds. Classes are available for horses, dogs and cats. I can come to you and yours or classes are also available a various facilities. This class is practical in nature, come prepared for a hands on experience.

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